Sometimes computers are like playing “Simon Says”….and if you forget the “Simon Says” everything poofs! It’s frustrating as with it can be information. With WordPress, sometimes drafts are saved, but other times it’s gone.

Blogging looks better from a reader’s standpoint with pictures. Watch the things that you read online…do pictures matter? It clarifies points and “dresses up” a post. But sometimes getting pictures uploaded can be frustrating!

So let’s work on this! Step by step – click on the tool bar above where it says “upload/insert” the first symbol is for pictures. When we click on that it brings

up a window.

Here you need to find the image. There’s three “file tabs” – your computer, another site (such as flicker or other photo sites) and media files – as you add photos these previously posted images will be in your media files.

Let’s say the image is on your computer – browse for the image. When you select your image it puts it there – you can rotate and crop the image but if you do be sure to click “SAVE”. Then scroll down, select the size and fill in any tags, labels and captions. Then down towards the bottom click “insert”. This should place your photo into your post.

For the photos hosting other places, cut and paste the link to the photo in the section for that. From the ‘media’ section you can reselect previously used ones and click “insert” – remember the clicking “insert” is what puts it in your post.

Putting videos into your post is essentially the same thing – you can cut/paste the YouTube link address and insert one right into your post. An example is like:

If you follow down that same line you can add polls, media and other things using very much the same steps. Always remember to save. Click publish and you have a post!