Categories on WordPress blogs help people find your posts. Most people don’t blog about just one thing. We have lives! Work! Play! Interests! Categories are on the right side of the box when you type in your blog.

For example – for the PromoteTheRabbit blog so far we have categories of blogs, Facebook, media, social media, Twitter, video and ‘uncategorized’ (all other). Under that there is a link to “Add New Category.” Let’s say we want to add one on photography – which bloggers might find of use. When we click that, fill it in and save it then it creates and puts the link (this post) into that category.

This makes it easy for the reader because perhaps they don’t use Twitter. Perhaps their focus is blogs or the How Do I series…we can group these and make it easy to find and use them.

These vary slightly from tags because it helps people find it on this blog. With tags it draws people from ‘outside’ to the keywords used, which can vary depending on the post. Being consistent with using these tools effectively can help build your blog as it helps people find you. Don’t hesitate either to check out WordPress features like postaweek2011 and postaday2011 – tags that can draw new people in and help you find a variety of new blogs to read.