About PromoteTheRabbit

Rabbits are awesome! They are incredible producers of meat, fur and fiber that can be kept in a relatively small space. They’re a lower cost animal to show for youth and adults alike than cattle, horses or other livestock. They’re a wonderful pet. Those in the medical profession provide important advancements. Rabbit breeders and owners are too often a target of misunderstanding. We have better tools with social media that are available to everyone with internet. Through the pages of the blog here we want to empower and encourage rabbit breeders and owners to PromoteTheRabbit in ways that are effective. It lets the public out there know about our incredible multi-use animals. We’ll have guest blogs by talented folks in social media – including many in the agriculture industry. We don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Learn what works and make the most of it! Visit PromoteTheRabbit.com and our Facebook page also!


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