Need some tips and ideas on getting pictures of rabbits for a blog, website, promotion or other reasons?

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We shoot pictures. Often. Chickens, dogs, rabbits. For the blog, Facebook wall, capturing memories, marketing – many reasons for it but getting good photos doesn’t have to be expensive.

Today’s expenditure. $40.  Yes I’m giving away secrets today!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile we show openly our animals as they really are, we like to present them at their best. It’s hard to have a studio or professional photographer, and we have the advantage of mobility that larger stock don’t have! Consider these three pictures…all taken in the same location at the same time, within minutes of each other. Notice the cast given to the photo (the lighting was not changed). This is the same rabbit – but the tan of the basket above really accentuates the baby tinge of brown on his back.

Remove the basket, and it almost doesn’t look like the same rabbit. Then, to change it up again, compare the…

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