This is a clip worth watching. As you do, notice how social media has made a difference, has engaged people and, yes, even saved lives in the tornadoes that raked Alabama two years ago.

Help people out. Share your interest. Share about rabbits in passing and it builds awareness without preaching to folks. When a ‘rabbit issue’ comes up maybe, just maybe, those folks will remember us and it won’t be just rabbit breeders speaking up.

This isn’t just about us. It’s not to sell more rabbits, although that might happen. Who can you reach out to and help? Maybe gardeners, if that’s your interest, and be a source for rabbit fertilizer. Think of your interests besides rabbits. If you don’t have any, it’s time to develop one. It will bring you new folks to talk to and remind you what it’s like to be new.

As you watch this video – it’s about 50 minutes – think of how we can apply that to what we do. The ideas are many!