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Guest post from AgChat 2.0 Conference M. Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez, MBA


Thinking of creating a video to promote your brand and what your company does? Remember this:

Provide: Inspiration, Entertainment, Enlightenment, Education
19.4% of viewers abandon a video within first 10 seconds of video
By 60 seconds – 44% have stopped watching
Be Short & Start Fast (from Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki)
List of video sharing sites:
  1. Wikisend.com (easiest to use)
  2. Videosprout.com (no downloading involved)
  3. Dropbox.com (allows 300MB transfers.com)
  4. Shutterfly.com (creates your own video sharing website)
  5. Facebook.com (most convenient to use, since everyone is online & comfortable with it)
  6. Minigroup.com (10GB of storage with free account, for families)
  7. Chattertree.com (family-focused too, private for specific individuals)
  8. Vimeo.com (offers privacy control, basic account 500MB of weekly storage)
  9. Youtube.com (can be strictly private, most used)
(list from local newspaper article, originally from WestStar TalkRadio Network)
*Don’t forget to add keywords, categories, and a detailed description of the content of the video to increase your chances to move up the SEO ranks!