No Smartphone No Problem

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Many think they can’t do social media on the go because they don’t have a smartphone. The iPhone, Droid and iPads of the world are far beyond what less ‘tech savvy’ users have but is it a problem? Not if you know how to use it effectively! Join my friend Ryan Goodman in this post on the AgChat Foundation blog.

“Your dumb-phone is not welcome here!” I have heard these words and felt left out when it comes to connectivity with mobile technology. As a response, I say my “dumb-phone” keeps me just as connected and more focused while on the go. True, my phone may not access the internet from the tractor seat, but thanks to smart use of text messaging, I can tweet from horseback, access market updates, send and receive Facebook notifications, and keep up with every score of my favorite sports teams. With a little planning, I can keep up with the smartphone users and invest much less money in mobile technology. <Read more here>


How to Participate in a Twitter Chat

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As part of the ongoing effort to help rabbit breeders navigate social media there will be several upcoming guest posts from some awesome and outstanding folks. The first of these is Janice Person’s outstanding post about participating in Twitter chats, complete with screen shots of what you see. Thanks Janice!

“One of the best ways to build your network and learn more about areas you may be passionate about is to participate in Twitter chat sessions. I wrote an overview of some of the chat sessions I recommend separately, but wanted to provide something of a “how to” as well. If you haven’t participated in a Twitter chat before, I suggest you go to and use the authorization service there to login to your Twitter account & tell is which chat (hashtag like #agchat or #blogchat) you want to join.” <More here!>

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