Getting started is difficult but for those who are new to blogging or social media it’s that overwhelm that puts many off. Simple things are overwhelming – until you learn!

The first post will be about embedding links – allowing you to post about a cool farm at or, easier for the reader, to say check out this farm. It highlights it to indicate there is a link. How to do that?In WordPress blogs it’s pretty easy.

1. Highlight the word or phrase. Double click over a single word.

2. Once you highlight something in the little icons above the text box there’s a little chain symbol. Click that – it will bring  up a box.

3. Cut and paste the link address in that little box, and indicate whether you want it to open on a new page (I usually do).

4. Save it by clicking ‘add link’.

It’s magic! If you have questions for this series please ask!! We all were new once!