Most people promoting rabbits do so because of a genuine love of the animal. It might be a particular breed, or for meat rabbits, or for functional versatility or show – but when you have a versatile, meat producing animal that can fit in a small area and do so cost effectively it pays to promote!

Of course some find promotion to entail tearing down other forms of agriculture or other hobbies. Why is this bad? It not only can erode the confidence in rabbits but insulting competitors can bite back.

Consider “Sue” standing up at a fair loudly telling a crowd “rabbits are the BEST meat and you don’t have to worry about all the hormones and poisons in the meat” – then wondering why she can’t find hay to buy. That beef farmer has a barn full but won’t sell to her. And when she has manure to get rid of it piles up because no one wants it – it becomes a waste instead of valued fertilizer. Her frustration increases when a hog farmer picks up a load of manure from “Jill” across town, who never has a problem finding hay. She works with local farms to network without publicly insulting her ‘competitors’. In turn they welcome her manure for their fields, her neighbors don’t know she has rabbits as her barn is clean, and another farmer is glad to part with some hay to help her out and increase his cash flow with a direct sale. The fact is all meat has hormones, and none is sold with “poisons”…representing that it does makes it seem that rabbit meat won’t stand on its own as a healthy, lean alternative to other meats. We know the truth!

Promotion shouldn’t put down other breeders, other parts of agriculture or other types of management. Find a means to use words and phrases to tell our good points without running others down. If there are no good points to talk about then change it!

Keep it positive – take the high road.