Two states have brought forth legislation that prevents unauthorized trespassing via video or camera.


Florida’s SB 1246 states: ”

“An act relating to farms; prohibiting a person from entering onto a farm or photographing or video recording a farm without the owner’s written consent; providing a definition; providing penalties; providing an effective date.”


In Iowa it’s same idea, different wording:

““HF 589 addresses concerns of bio-security of Iowa’s animal industry and the well-being of animals. The bill protects livestock and crop operations against unauthorized destruction, killing or injuring of stock, or disruption of agricultural or bio-technical operations on an owner’s premise. Additionally, it makes it unlawful to produce, possess, or distribute an unauthorized recording (sound or image) at an animal or crop operation.”

These are important for the rabbit world! It prevents undercover videos or “hidden cameras” from taking images of your agricultural enterprise – which can include rabbits. This may be dicey in the case of rabbits in urban areas, but for those in rural areas it’s increased protection from being slandered via images.

Most people don’t want cruelty around. We keep out rabbits fed, watered and cared for to keep them safe and productive – not that different from those who farm hogs, cattle or poultry. If there is an issue by all means address the issue! Many activists don’t do this but instead hang onto the video, sometimes for months, until the right time to present it to the media. In the spring it’s a great time to promote rabbits – and responsible rabbit ownership. It’s time to show our unique animals as producers of food, fur and fiber, as well as pets, outstanding youth animals and suitable for a variety of places. We cannot continue to let others do it for us!