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By LelaP – @lelanatty
In the latest issue of The Domestic Rabbit magazine, there is a great article that expresses the need for us to connect with the general public to portray the care and production of rabbits as everything that it is, instead of what other people make it out to be. This can be achieved by using some of the most popular services out there today – social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. There are already rabbit people who use these outlets, but the more people that do, the more people we can reach. People join rabbit forums like this because they are interested in rabbits, but are we reaching out past this to tell people? There are a number of rabbit blogs that are easy to find, the “hashtag” “# rabbit chat ” is being used on Twitter by a few people when they talk about their rabbits there, and a few Facebook pages for rabbits exist. There is a movement to try to bring awareness into the new electronic world that we have today.

Hello world!

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Why promote rabbits?

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Challenges to rabbit breeding are far beyond breeding and caring for rabbits. There is an entire conversation happening and too often we’re not part of the conversation. From animal rights to zoning issues to a wide range of other issues, defensive strategies simply do not work.

With using social media tools available to all it allows all rabbit breeders a way to reach those in the general public. Whether teaching about recipes for rabbit or care for them or what we do, it allows the average person a glimpse into our world. It changes the view and makes it harder for HSUS and other organizations to spread inaccurate information about rabbit raising.

By joining with agriculture producers it can allow not having to “reinvent the wheel.” It allows for statistics and sharing.

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The same strategies can be used with a rabbit focus. Look for continuing information here – and if you have questions ask here or on our Facebook page!


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